What kind of exercises will we be doing?

At CrossFit Sea Level we will do exercises that replicate movements that we commonly perform in life such as running, lifting, squatting, pulling and pushing. We work on movement patterns that are commonly seen on an athletic field or a construction site.

What should i bring to a class?

The most important thing you will need to bring is a bottle of water. We also recommend that you invest in a good pair of shoes with a hard sole. There are many brands that make decent shoes for CrossFit training, the most common shoes are Nike Metcons and Reebok Nanos.

How Hard will the classes be?

If you have no previous experience in the gym, you may find the movements hard to do properly at first. We have coaches leading every class because they will give you things to improve on and get you moving properly. If a movement is very complicated, we also substitute in simpler ones as well.

CrossFit classes have a reputation for being very intense. If you have no previous athletic history, we want to avoid making you so sore that you cannot walk down the stairs next day; we will slowly expose you to the intensity of the workouts.